[El mundo es nuestro si eso querés,
lo podemos tener, si tomas mi mano.
No hay vuelta atras]

 El destino me ha dado

{corazónes desequilibrados}

our love runs deep like a chevy
if you fall i'll with you baby
cause that's the way we like to do it 
that's the way you like.
  you run around open doors like a gentleman 
tell me girl every day of my everything
cause that's the way you like to do it
that's the way you like.
Just a little west coast, and a bit of sunshine 
hair blowing in the wind, losing to time, just you and I, 
just YOU & I


Now I'm a warrior, 

now I've got thicker skin, 

I'm a warrior, I'm stronger than I've never been.